Old Love Dies Hard
Limited Edition
10-Year Anniversary
Red & Black Marble LP

"No No No" b/w "No No No" (Dub) {Roger Rivas Remix} Limited Edition Red Translucent Vinyl

Boogaloo Assassins Dub
About Us

Boogaloo Assassins are a 12-piece Latin Boogaloo, Salsa, and Latin Soul group from Los Angeles, California

A live music favorite since 2008, their independently released 2013 debut EP OLD LOVE DIES HARD was inspired by the soulful Latin records of the 1960s, and their 7-inch lead single “No No No” took radio and dancehalls around the world by storm. 

Jam In The Van Performance

"No No No"

Boogaloo Assassins (Live at JITVHQ

in Los Angeles, CA 2017)

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Old Love Dies Hard

1. No No No
2. Para Mi
3. Mi Jeva
4. Do You Wanna Dance
5. Evil Ways (Instrumental)
6. Magic Rose (Live @ KPFK)
7. No No No (Radio Edit)

Sicario Records (2013).

‘Chiquis’ Lozoya / Vocals

Live Music

“Los Angeles’ Boogaloo Assassins tear up salsa floors with a hip shakin’ version of “No No No” alongside Joe Cuba and Willie Colón covers.”

“L.A-based Boogaloo Assassins are among a new generation of appreciators who, alongside DJs and collectors, continue to make boogaloo a relevant, positive message for fans of Latin music, funk and soul.”


“True to their name, Boogaloo Assassins have a murderous sound — a heavy mixture of Afro-Latin rhythms, funky horn arrangements and soulful vocals that both define boogaloo as a genre and contribute to a much wider sound.”



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